– How to Stream SHOWTIME Anytime on Any Device?

Unless you have a subscription from a streaming service or participating TV provider, you cannot activate the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your device at It is only after the successful activation of the channel that you can enjoy the amazing content. If you need help in activating your SHOWTIME subscription, you have come to the right place. Read through the guide and start streaming current programs (drama, comedy, and animation).


How to Use effectively to Activate SHOWTIME Anytime?


SHOWTIME Anytime provides access to original series, live TV, hit movies, sports, and more in the United States and its territories and possessions. You can all these for FREE as a part of a SHOWTIME subscription through digital streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime or through participating TV providers. Make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection at home before starting the activation process.


Here’s how you can activate SHOWTIME Anytime on your streaming device. The following steps apply for Oculus Go/ Oculus Quest, Streaming Device, and Smart TV.

  • Turn on your device and access the Channel Store or Application Store using the remote.
  • Add the channel to your device and click on it to open.
  • After launching the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your device, you need to navigate to any program.
  • Look for the “Play” button. Or, you can click on the “Activate” option from the Settings menu.
  • This will bring you an activation code. This unique activation code needs to be saved for future use.
  • On a different device, you must access the official link to enter the code that you already received.
  • On the page, you will be prompted to log into the SHOWTIME Anytime app (by using the login credentials). After signing in, go to the “Menu” option, click on the “Settings” option, and then, select “Activate Devices”.
  • Now, enter the code in the right field.
  • Click on the “Submit” button. This should finish the activation process.


Note: If you aren’t already logged into your SHOWTIME Anytime account, it will prompt you to use your registered username and password.


A success message should appear on the screen. What are you waiting for? You can now start streaming programs like City on a Hill, The Chi, Billions, Black Monday, Work in Progress, Our Cartoon President, and more.


How to Activate SHOWTIME Anytime on Smartphones?


Got a smartphone? You can get the SHOWTIME Anytime app and enjoy all the amazing shows without any error.

  • Unlock your device and launch the SHOWTIME Anytime app. (Note: It is not SHOWTIME app.)
  • Choose a video that you want to watch and tap on the “Play” button.
  • This will prompt you to choose a streaming service. Enter the sign-in credentials given by your provider and sign in.
  • It will fetch you a unique activation code. Save the code and go access on another browser from a different device.
  • Log in to SHOWTIME Anytime and you are all set.


The above steps will come in handy to activate your device. If you use a different device, you can still refer to the aforementioned steps. Although they might vary, you will get an idea of how to activate the app on your own by accessing the authorized link –


Got a Roku device or an Apple TV or Android TV? Make use of the steps. In case of any query, contact customer care.